There are many options to choose from when it comes to documenting the memorial service of your loved one. Since I realize that everyone is different and, as a result, has different needs, I work with you to design a custom option that is catered specifically to you. Here are a number of the services I can provide:

•      Photo Documentation of the Viewing: There are many opportunities to capture special moments during the viewing from the detailed display to the reunion of long-time friends. Having photographs of the viewing will certainly remind you of the many people that your loved one knew and the numerous relationships he/she enjoyed.

•      Photo Documentation of the Memorial Service: Some of the most memorable moments inevitably come from the memorial service. To be able to have record of all that were present, those who officiated as pallbearers, and everything in between, is something truly invaluable. To know that you have shared that moment with so many others forges a bond that will endure well past the years of this life.

•      Custom-Designed Album: Having a tangible keepsake is the biggest reason why so many choose us to document their memorial service. Memorial Albums are one of the best ways to pay tribute to a loved one and honor the legacy that he or she left behind. Images of family members and friends from the memorial service are included to serve as a reminder of how many people were influenced by your loved one. These albums also provide an excellent opportunity to cherish their life and pass their legacy onto children, grandchildren, and others who may not have had the privilege to know them. Each album is custom-designed and is catered to the memorable images of the family and friends. Only the highest quality paper (archival quality paper) is used to ensure longevity and sharpness. Just like hardcover books in bookstores, we use a professional-quality, custom hardcover book-binding process. From Oxford cloth to hand-stitched Spanish leather, our materials are chosen for their beauty and durability. Extra copies of albums are also available.

•      DVD Slideshow: Digital slideshows that contain photographs taken from the memorial service along with those provided by the family can be another great way to remember your loved one often. Slideshows are set to your choice of music and include (5) copies to be distributed among the family.